Sway Energy - technology

SWAY is committed to using the best technology and deploying it in ways that the savings from those decisions go back to the clients. SWAY researched various CHP technologies and equipment manufacturers looking for the absolute best. SWAY found that in its own backyard! Industrial Engines Ltd. (IEL), located in Edmonton, Alberta. IEL has been servicing and supplying the oil and gas, construction and the mining industries since 1959. They assemble, service and remanufacture complete engine and power packages. Their current certified technicians have over 40 years combined experience and provide full service from their 20,000 sq ft location in Edmonton.

IEL custom builds SWAY's CHP plants. The plants operate on natural gas and they provide secure, safe and reliable power friendly to the environment. The CHP plants significantly reduce GHG emissions something that is important to SWAY's corporate promise. IEL works hand-in-hand with SWAY's engineers to determine the most efficient CHP plant for the client's site. Research, innovation and taking a bold approach are the elements that connect SWAY and IEL in a very dynamic way, a way that supports our clients success in their own operations.