Sway Energy - Our Solutions

SWAY's business is entirely focused on providing clients with viable energy solutions that integrates seamlessly within their operations. We strategically target prospective commercial, institutional and industrial facility owners whose operations have a sizeable need for thermal power and who can benefit substantially by redirecting the energy savings to their core business. These business consumers currently have few, if any, options within the existing energy marketplace: We want to change that by providing those clients with a viable energy option tailored to their operations.

Our message to prospective clients is simple - "Your bottom line will improve." So:

  • Reduce your utilities costs with savings up to 20%
  • Have a secure and reliable source of energy
  • Reduce facility maintenance costs
  • Avoid additional capital costs
  • Have electricity produced at source
  • Reduce your CO2 and other GHG emissions
  • Focus on what you do best - your business

Let SWAY's team of technical experts work on your behalf by installing an energy solution tailored to your operations.

Let SWAY take care of the capital costs, remove power uncertainty, lower your energy costs and help you better manage your utilities.

Contact us to schedule an on-site needs analysis. We look forward to working with you.