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SWAY Energy Inc.
314 10654-82 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 2A7

Fax: 780.439.2234

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A progressive power generation
company providing on-site power and energy

SWAY has a singular focus on providing the right customized energy solutions for our clients. Utilizing our proprietary economic and technical model, SWAY directs the design, installs, owns and operates scalable cogeneration units to provide on-site heating/cooling and electricity for business consumers. Each installation is tailored to our client's operations. Each site is guaranteed priority service delivery from our experienced cogeneration technical team, supported 24/7 by SCADA monitoring technology, and complemented by field support in strategic partnership with our technology and service provider.

Relevant to its clients

SWAY is at the forefront of real change in the utilities sector; it is relevant to clients, the environment and shareholders. Our commitment to safe, secure and reliable energy solutions will reduce your bottom line while improving energy use and decreasing CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHGs). We utilize our assets to benefit our clients. By decentralizing production and distribution of electricity, we are able to pass along savings to our clients. Clients also avoid new capital expenditures, and benefit from reduced operating and maintenance costs.

With a vision to be the leader at
the front end of real change in the utilities sector

SWAY's vision is to be the best among a new breed of power producers in Canada responding to the emerging market for environmentally responsible power and decentralized generation.